The Modern Witch’s Tarot


An original, fully illustrated 78-card tarot deck illustrated by me. The Modern Witch’s Tarot, as the title suggests, is based around the theme of modern witchcraft. Featuring phones, laptops and other modern items, it also retains some traditional witchcraft and tarot symbols to ensure it still feels like a usable tarot deck.

The Modern Witch’s Tarot is now sadly out of print, but if you’d like a set please contact me and I may be able to work something out for you.

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The Sketchbook Project – The Woods

2016 – 2017

A series of images created for The Sketchbook Project around the theme ‘The Woods’. Original ink illustrations scanned in and digitally layered up to create dark and eerie compositions, aiming to recreate that mysterious, alluring and magical atmosphere that surrounds woods and forests.

For the actual Sketchbook Project submission, our class decided to submit a group collaboration so we all had a chance to have our work entered. The final book was put together and submitted by me. Let me know if you come across it! [x]

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Wye Valley Yoga

2016 – 2017

A set of 80+ illustrations created for Wye Valley Yoga based around Herefordshire. The illustrations are designed for instructional use, but were successfully adapted to be printed onto tote bags. [x]

This project was a great opportunity to use my skills gained from previous colleges in life drawing, which I’d really missed! It was a challenge and definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was enjoyable, and it taught me to be more open to different projects.

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Hay Festival – Shakespeare 400


A live brief offered by Hay Festival to do a large scale illustration to be displayed on site at the festival. The illustrations were to be based around any Shakespeare quote to fit in with the 2016 theme of Shakespeare 400.

The illustrations varied in size, but most were very large which was a challenge for us all. It was definitely a great learning experience in working to deadlines, client briefs and expectations, and learning to work large scale.

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