Valentines Cards

Newly added to the shop are these Valentine’s Cards! It’s not something I’d usually do – I just had an idea for one and thought why not? You might recognise the text from the Collections Project I did at uni a couple of years ago. I thought I’d kept an original printing plate of the anatomical heart from another project but unfortunately hadn’t. Weird as usually I do keep my printing plates, but never mind.

The text and anatomical heart are printed onto the cards and the red heart is hand illustrated. I would rather printing the heart by hand but I must have thrown the plate away with an old sketchbook. Still, I’m quite pleased with them! I only made 3 of them and as with all my items in the shop, once they’re gone they’re gone for good. I have some more plain cards left so in future I might do some other card designs. We’ll see!

The cards are available to buy here.

Also Moon Phase Calendars are now 50% off in the shop! No code required. Get one here.

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