New Shop Items!

I’ve just added a limited edition set of pocket mirrors to the shop! I say limited edition as I’ve created these designs just for the pocket mirrors, and although I originally planned to do a set of different things with the same work, I feel it’s better to create new stuff. Otherwise I feel it kind of takes something away from it; it just feels less special.

I think I also need a push to create more and this is a nice way to do it. It also keeps things – and I hate this word because it’s so overused in this context – fresh. I don’t want the shop or my portfolio to start looking a bit same-y. I really like the patterns, but that’s not all I can do! I keep forgetting now I have the freedom to just create things and there’s no one else in control but myself. It’s hard to break out of the habit and it’s hard to get used to not having to tick boxes all the time.

‘Periwinkle’ Design

Anyway.. back to the patterns – you may notice they look a little familiar. They’re a sort of extension of The Sketchbook Project work I did. Those were made to create an atmosphere and to provoke a certain feeling – the magic, mystery and yes, creepiness of the woods. The artwork for the pocket mirrors are an extension of that and also a little dip into folklore. I was inspired by the use of plants and flowers in magic and the folklore behind them. Some of the plants and flowers featured are atropa belladonna (also known as deadly nightshade), foxgloves (witches fingers, witches gloves, fairy gloves, fairy caps.. many names for this one!), periwinkle (associated with death, also known as sorcerers violet), and of course noticeably, ivy. There’s a lot of ivy growing pretty much everywhere where I live at the moment. I’ve always liked it and it features heavily in this little series.

The mirrors are up for sale on Etsy here. Also for a limited time, I’m offering a free ‘Palmistress’ sticker with every order – no codes or anything required.

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