New Designers!

Hello all the way from London for New Designers! This week I’ll be exhibiting some of my work alongside my very talented classmates from the BA (hons) Illustration course from Hereford College of Arts. I’m excited to be back in London, it’s one of my favourite places and I’m still dreaming of relocating here one day! Having a quick look around today and there’s so many talented artists and designers here, and such a wide variety of work. It’s so lovely to see so many variations of illustration, print making, graphic design and I loved the architecture stuff too. I’m fascinated by the detail and precision that goes into the scale models, it’s incredible! It’s great to talk to other graduates too, and very reassuring that we’re all a little nervous about going into the big wide world now. It is very scary even if you’ve planned meticulously, it can feel quite isolating too with not being around your classmates after being used to seeing them almost every day for 3 years, so New Designers was nice to go to – I think for me, it helped that readjustment go a little smoother.

In other news, I’ve been getting back into doodling my ‘other worlds’. I used to draw these a lot when I was younger, just after leaving school. I felt like I was tipping my mind out onto paper! I do feel I’ve lost a little bit of that freedom and ‘randomness’ with further education – my illustration work has become a little refined which of course isn’t a bad thing in itself, but it’s nice to let loose with my imagination and not stress about ‘making something’. I’m probably going to do a lot more of these, it’s very freeing and quite therapeutic! I noticed they had a good reaction on Instagram too so keep an eye out for some in colour! Unfortunately I lost a lot of my old ones, but if I ever do find any I will absolutely post them. It’s nice to compare old and new work to see the progress!

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