Tarot: Full Colour

This week I’ve been doing some full colour versions of my tarot cards. I’ve only picked out a few of the major arcana as these take so long to do! I’d love to release a full colour edition later on, but that’ll be after I finish uni when I have the time to dedicate to it.

I love them all but I think my favourite one is The Devil card. I just love the rich red colours, I think it really reflects the cards meaning well with the themes of indulgence and luxury. I think all these cards, when printed bigger (maybe A3?) on some nice matte paper would contrast really nicely with a few of the black and white versions – thinking of the Summer Show. I’d also like to add a little glitter or foiling – I mean a very small amount – just to highlight and make them pop. For example a tiny bit on the moon in The Moon card etc.

I’ve also done a few simple colour versions. These are an improvement on the original purple-y cards I did a few weeks ago.

I thought these would look really nice with some metallic foiling when printed! After looking into foiling for business cards though, this would be pretty expensive to do. Maybe they could be a deluxe version? They’d probably cost quite a lot though even for a deluxe set! Maybe they could be printed and hand foiled/glittered by me and used as some posters though. That could work quite nicely. Or perhaps some stickers for promotional materials.

I’ll keep experimenting though and see what I come up with! đŸ™‚

This week I’ll be ordering a few copies of The Modern Witch’s Tarot so if you’d like a set, please contact me either through any of my social accounts (Twitter, Instagram etc.) or by using the Contact page. The booklet for the cards will be written up later on and added to this site as a PDF. I will post a copy of the booklet to everyone who has purchased the deck (I’ll need your address for this). The deck will be priced at £20.

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