Modern Witch’s Tarot: Prototype

Look what arrived in the post today! They’ve come out really well, I’m so happy with them. They’ve arrived much quicker than expected too. They came in a plain white box which, when sold, will be hand stamped (I need to order a rubber stamp with my new logo on) and numbered. I much prefer this over the box design I did (so bad I don’t even want to post it, haha). I think it gives it a more exclusive, hand-made feel. Also the cost of the box would mean I’d have to charge £30 for one deck which could put it out of most people’s price range. What I wanted for this deck is for it to be affordable and accessible for everyone, or as much as possible. I don’t think people will mind the box being plain – a lot of people store tarot cards in bags or wooden/solid boxes anyway.

The cost of the deck really depends on how many copies I order, and how many copies I order depends on how much interest there is in it. I’m thinking £20 for now. Maybe I could do just the deck for a lower price (if I get enough people interested in it) and offer the deck with some stickers, posters etc. for a little more? I think £20 is about right though – most tarot decks are around this price range.

If you would like a set, or know someone who would, please drop me a message through any of my social media accounts (links at top right of this page just under the header) or fill in the Contact Form. The booklet will be written later and posted to anyone who has purchased a deck (I will need your address for this) and I will also add a PDF version available to download here on

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest so far ! ❤

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