Logo Re-Designing

Up until today the logo for Ink Witch Illustration was a temporary measure – a free clipart image which, wasn’t too bad but with only a couple of months to go til New Designers, I had to sort it out!

I started with a few sketches – definitely wanted to stick with the round design as I found it works quite well placing it onto business cards and other promotional materials. It could also then work well for a rubber stamp which I have been looking into.

I arrived at these few logos:

And made a reactions-poll on Facebook:
 I’ve seen a few Facebook pages do this and I think it’s a great way to engage with the audience on there. I still wasn’t happy though, the logos were a bit rough still and not as clean/professional looking as I imagined. Inspired by my Neighbourhood Witch badge, I started playing around with a few ideas in Photoshop and came up with these:

These are much cleaner and professional looking I think ! So I made another reactions-poll on Facebook:
The last one seemed to be the most popular! I made an all-black version as well for when I come to order a rubber stamp.

I think it still works pretty well in all black which is probably a good sign, from what I remember of logo designing back in my graphic design days. 🙂

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