The Modern Witch’s Tarot: All Done!

I’ve officially sent off for a prototype of The Modern Witch’s Tarot today! It’ll be printed professionally as proper cards which is really exciting. It’ll be nice to see them as an actual tarot deck. I didn’t think I’d be able to complete a full deck but somehow I have!

The deck is designed to be coloured in/decorated by the user. This is another way of modernising the tarot as it taps into the adult colouring market, and enables the reader to have a personalised deck they can really connect with. I think it could also help people learn the cards too, as they’re decorating/colouring the cards in they’re spending more time with it and connecting with it better.

I’ve already had a few people interested in the deck which is really nice! Hopefully if this print turns out okay I’ll be able to order more and sell them. I’m thinking of getting a rubber stamp made of my logo and stamping this onto the box – at the moment to keep them affordable for people the boxes will be plain white. In order to do all that though I need to sort out my logo! It’s just a clip art image for now, so I think that’s my next task…

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