Starting on the Minor Arcana!

This week I’ve been starting on the minor arcana cards. These are the 56 cards of the tarot, split into 4 suits. Kind of like playing cards. They go from Ace – 10 and all have 4 court cards, usually Page, Knight, King and Queen.

With modernising the tarot, I don’t think absolutely everything has to be changed because some things in witchcraft really haven’t changed either. Some of us still have and use wands (no, not like Harry Potter) and the pentacle is a very recognisable symbol (I wear mine in the form of a pendant every day). Although we all know what swords are, it’s quite rare for the modern witch to have one and use it in their craft from what I’ve seen, though they absolutely are used probably. Witchcraft is an extremely broad practice which is wonderful, but makes this project difficult. However I do like a challenge, and focusing on modern witchcraft does ease it a little.

So swords have become knives, which I think is safe to say more likely to be used than a sword these days! Knives can be used for cutting herbs, carving candles or in my case, scraping candle wax off various items (oops). I was going to call this suit Athames instead but that’s more in the realm of Wicca.

I’ve kept the cups as cups, but instead of a chalice I’ve used a mug instead. Tea and coffee are absolutely used in modern witchcraft all the time. Different herbs and spices are used for different intents and can be used as a potion or in casting a spell. I sometimes make a ‘healing tea’ for myself when I’m feeling under the weather, and charge it with crystals (placing appropriate crystals around the base of the mug as the tea is brewing), and I’m certainly not the only witch to do this. Some witches even draw sigils* in honey at the bottom of the mug before adding the tea/water.

I’ve decided to take a simple approach with these as I think it works better for the overall look of the cards. The minor arcana should stand out in a reading now and be easier to pick out and interpret. Still not sure how I’m going to change the court cards! Perhaps rather than people they can be different stages of witchcraft? We’ll see ! šŸ™‚

* Sigils are symbols made from the letters of a sentence (usually an intent, e.g ‘I am safe during travel’ or ‘My home is protected’) which are then charged and used as a spell. More on sigils here.

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