Colour Experimentations

I’ve been experimenting with colour this week but I’ve hit a bit of a block. I decided to just play around for a while with some nice Brusho paintings I had lying around (probably from the Batsford Prize project) and layering them over my black and white compositions. I think they’re kind of interesting, but I can see if this was a full set of 78 cards they could all start looking a bit same-y. Although it’s generally a good idea to have a uniform theme running through a tarot deck, if they look too similar they can be difficult to read and in my case it’d probably make them look quite flat.

All is not lost however, these could still be of use in the Introductory Media module (business cards, stickers, promotional materials etc.) as they do look all right on their own. In the context of making a tarot deck though, I don’t think they’d work well enough.

I tried then to do full colour Brusho for one of the cards and tried adding some text too, just to get a feel of what the card would look like finalised:

I felt like I was going over the same ground though – I’ve done line drawings with Brusho too many times before. It seems odd to do now but I think the Major Project is a good opportunity to experiment. I don’t think I should be put off experimenting with materials, techniques and outcomes – it’s good to get out of that comfort zone!

I think the best option for now is to continue with the black and white compositions – if I can get that set done I’d be very happy. I can always do a colour version further down the line. Perhaps I’ve been a bit too ambitious in attempting to complete two complete tarot decks in 3 months! That’s 156 cards in total which is way too much. I think if I take on less work and put more effort into that, it will produce a much stronger outcome.

All that being said, this is not the end of experimentation so keep an eye out for those in future posts!

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