The Sketchbook Project: Collaboration

Today I completed a group collaboration for The Sketchbook Project with the help of my classmate Hanna. We all agreed it would be a nice idea to combine our work together into one sketchbook – I think it really shows the diversity of everyone’s work which is lovely. It’s always been said our course doesn’t have a house style and I think this really shows it. It was nice to work together again too – I think when everyone pulls together we can make some exciting work so I hope to do something like this again in future, even after we’ve all left the college. Maybe a collaborative zine? Hopefully we’ll all (or most of us) keep in touch!

While I was printing, cutting and gluing away, Hanna worked on the calligraphy and spot illustrations for the contents and contacts page. It was a bit of a mad rush trying to get it all done, but I think it was worth it in the end! I even found time to do a little foiling on the cover of the Hereford College of Arts logo! Hopefully we made the deadline on time for it to be displayed with all the other wonderful sketchbooks.

Here’s a video of me going through the pages:

List of work in order of appearance:

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