Onto Line Drawings…

All throughout this week I’ve been powering through the line drawings for the major arcana, and I’m officially halfway through as of today! How exciting! I’ve done a bit of a U-turn on the designs BUT I think it’s for the best. My original intentions were to make a tarot deck aimed at modern witches, and to be as all-inclusive as possible. Realistically, it’s going to be a huge undertaking just to get people to model for me as a visual reference and it’s almost an entire project in itself! I’m keeping it in mind for future though, so keep an eye out for 2.0!

So, basically, I’ve decided to not use people at all in the entire deck which has proposed another challenge for me, but it’s actually freed me up a lot in terms of creativity and ideas! I’ve found everything is actually flowing much more easily. It’s still keeping the original aims of course – for modern witches and all-inclusive. I did a quick bit of searching and (please correct me if I’m wrong!) most people seem to find decks without people a good all-inclusive option? So I’m really hoping I can appeal to the diversity of modern witches, and maybe even people who aren’t – that’d be amazing! I’m so exciting to see it all put together. I’m keeping the full designs under wraps until the very end, and I have an idea for another version of the deck which may make it appeal to even more people. Exciting stuff!

For sneak peaks at what I’m doing, I post regularly on Instagram so please feel free to follow me there!

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