Major Arcana: Sketches

Since my last post, I’ve been powering through the major arcana – researching meanings, interpretations, existing cards, making mind maps and sketching like mad! At the moment, these are very rough sketches just to get some ideas down on paper. I’m thinking of it as opening up my head and tipping everything out onto paper! As of now I’ve just finished number 15 – The Devil.

I’ve really underestimated how hard this project would be. Whilst I’m aiming to modernise the tarot (not easy in itself), I’m also trying to aim this deck at modern witches so I’m trying to show that in the illustrations too. On top of that, I’m being very careful to retain the meanings of the cards so it’s still an actual, functioning tarot deck (that is the aim!). I could of course just make up my own but then I don’t feel it’d be a tarot deck any more, it’d be something else entirely. Not necessarily a bad thing, but that’s not the aim of the project right now and that’d just open it up to an even bigger scale and it’d just be impossible to do.

I’m toying with the idea of renaming the major arcana but then it ventures into “is it even a tarot deck any more” territory. I’ll worry about that later. For now, the visuals are the most important thing and getting it onto paper so people can see what I’m aiming for.

I’m putting posters up/asking around the college for people to model for me some time next week (hopefully). I’d really like to get as many different people as possible represented in this tarot deck! Also I think it’s a bit cringe if I just use myself as a model…

I’m still determined to complete the entire deck and get at least one copy printed. Stubborn as always.

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