What is Modern Witchcraft?

Since writing in my Major Project Brief my target audience for my tarot deck will be modern witches, I’ve been asked what Modern Witchcraft is. At the time I couldn’t think off the top of my head but since then I’ve compiled a list of what modern witchcraft is (at least, in my humble, tiny opinion in a sea of opinions..):

Modern Witchcraft is…

  • Drawing sigils on the bottom of your kettle that, when switched on, charges the sigil and cleanses the space
  • Drawing sigils underneath lipstick/make up to exude confidence or as part of a glamour spell
  • Drawing sigils anywhere and everywhere
  • Charms and spell bottles as keyrings
  • Charging crystals by placing them on your phone when it’s charging
  • Emoji spells (yep, I went there)
  • Using Wi-Fi as an energy source/base for house protection spells
  • Moon Phase apps on our phones
  • Using soft drinks like Coke, Sprite etc as bases for potions
  • Crystals in your bag, pockets, bra, shoe.. just like sigils, they’re everywhere
  • Using sugar/salt/pepper sachets from cafe’s and coffee shops to cast spells on the go
  • Getting altar decoration supplies from the local park (sorry not sorry)
  • Having your grimoire as a OneNote/Word Document/PDF
  • The broom = the hoover

Hopefully a pattern can be seen! I think witchcraft has always been about using whatever is available. People used to use cauldrons because that was what was available then. Same with brooms. Nowadays they’ve become saucepans and hoovers. Although I admit I do have a couple of cast iron cauldrons (and I’m sure I’m not the only witch to own any). The hoover is fantastic for house cleansing! To give it an extra boost sometimes I sprinkle herb mixtures onto the floors first (kind of like that Shake & Vac stuff).

A lot of the above list ventures into techno witchcraft which is basically using technology as a base for your witchcraft. I think it safely falls into modern witchcraft though.

I still personally use candles as many other witches do, and other traditional items, but it’s interesting how things have developed over time and I’m excited to see how witchcraft will continue to develop and grow with the modern world.

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