Shadow Box Experimentation

Following some very valuable advice today, I’ve been playing around with a (very crudely) handmade shadow box. A way of redesigning/modernising the tarot could be in the form of animation. Perhaps a digital, animated tarot deck? This is following on a little from The Sketchbook Project, so I have to be very careful not to let that drag on.

It was fun playing around with the shadow box, but I think I’ll be putting it aside for another project. I feel this is too much like The Sketchbook Project and I’d really like to have a complete fresh start for the Major Project. No harm done experimenting though! And I could always include a light bit of animation later – and even develop the completed tarot cards into a digital deck. How cool would that be? A tarot deck for the witch/diviner on the go! I’m thinking along the lines of a phone app but with the time frame we have I know it won’t be possible right now. No harm in putting it aside for the future though. This project is not the end, after all – which is why we’re calling it the Major Project rather than Final Major Project.

Here’s a little video of me playing with the shadow box and candlelight:

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