Major Project Ideas

We’ve finally started our Final Major Projects today, officially. Hurray! I’m really excited about it. I’m hoping this will be the start to my illustration career, if it all goes to plan. I’m really keen to start by selling my own work as prints and other items (canvas bags etc.). I’ve already set up an Etsy shop which is ready to go as soon as I have some things lined up. I’ve got a few ideas but that’ll all come later on.

Anyway! My Major Project idea is.. *drum roll* a full set of tarot cards. Yes, all 78 of them is the aim! It’s a huge undertaking but I know I can do it if I push myself! The problem with me is the more I’m told I can’t do something, the more I’m determined to prove people wrong. It’s not too much of a bad thing I suppose but it has landed me in trouble when I’ve taken on way too much. Now I know my limits though, and how to handle myself so I’m really up for this challenge. At the very least I’d like to get the 22 major arcana cards done. My aim is to complete the set and even get a few sets professionally printed. Tarot cards is something I’ve always wanted to do and they were the gateway for me into witchcraft. They kick started a whole new life path for me, so it seems only appropriate they could kick start this online shop and my illustration career.

I’m aiming to make them as unique as possible, but how I’m going to do that yet I don’t know. A bit of mind mapping and research is in order…

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