TSP – Final Illustrations

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Here are my final illustrations for The Sketchbook Project, all in a fancy slide show! My plan for them is to print them all out into a booklet and make a nice hand bound book to hand in with my portfolio. Obviously to submit them for The Sketchbook Project I would just print them out individually – probably on some nice cartridge paper – and put them into one of the books they provide. I just thought a hand bound book would be a nice addition to my portfolio and a way of showing another skill which I really do enjoy and would happily do in future.

I wrote a poem – which I will include as a first page for the book – to set the narrative for it. I chose the theme ‘The Woods’ which I’ve always felt is full of mystery and magic! I’m not a poet or writer in any way (as you can probably tell from my blog posts) so this isn’t great but just sets the scene:

In these woods you will find
Spirits and entities of all kinds
Through the branches you’ll see their faces
Hidden in all kinds of places
Playing games of the mind
You’ll find that they’re not always kind
But come with the witch and you will see
All is not what it seems to be…

All the illustrations have been made to be double page spreads, so the first page that will have the poem on will fit in quite nicely. The nice thing about having done these digitally is that I can just reprint them any time – maybe I could make miniature, very simple versions to hand out as like a zine? That’d be nice to do, but for now it’s just the one hand bound book. Post up soon! 🙂

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