TSP – Silhouettes and Shadows

So I’ve been really stuck on this project lately but I think I finally cracked it last night! I just decided to get on with it and start drawing – eventually something will come of it, usually. I chose ink and decided to do them in plain black so I can scan them in and play around with them, but noticed how nice and simple they look all inked in black. This gave me the idea to do the entire sketchbook using silhouettes to create the illustrations, and it’ll all be in black and white. I’ll be scanning them in individually and using layers and opacity levels to arrange them in Photoshop. It’s a bit of a risk I think, considering I’ve never done any work with silhouettes before and never done a whole project in just black and white! I’m looking at a little fortune cookie quote (yep, really) on my desk right now though, which seems relevant:

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong“.

I think I’ve spent too long panicking over what could go wrong and how I can do this ‘right’ and really, I just need to do it. So I’m risking it and hopefully it’ll work! I remember my ideas for the Hay Festival project being a big creative risk for me, with the technique and use of colour being something I’d never done before, but it worked out probably better than any of the work I’d done in the second year. What’s creativity without risk anyway.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will turn out! When they’re done I’ll be printing them on some nice paper – I’m internally shouting at myself not to keep using copier paper.

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