Yoga Illustration Experimentations

I hadn’t done much experimentation for the yoga project, so recently I’ve gone back and had a look to see what I could’ve done differently. Maybe these wouldn’t be suitable for the final outcome as they’re quite ‘loose’ and not as refined, but perhaps they could work well for some promotional items? Notebooks, bags, stickers.. maybe even a nice stamp with the Wye Valley Yoga logo on it? I started out with 3 simple drawings in different styles, scanned them in and went from there. It’s surprising how much work you can produce with just a few drawings to start with! It’s one of the things I love about Photoshop and layers. Here are some of my favourites:

I also did a couple of different mat styles and layered those up as well. They’re quite expressive – my other illustrations were very refined which works well for what they’re intended for, but I really like these outcomes! They’re a lot more fun and exciting and I really enjoyed making them. I made a couple of patterns and did a mock up to see what they’d look like on some canvas bags – I think they work quite well in that context:

My favourite is the middle one with the two different illustrations – I think the variety breaks it up a bit and makes it a bit more interesting. I really regret not doing this sooner in the project but never mind. There’s something to learn in every project I think. 🙂

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