Liquid Light Workshop

Today we went to a liquid light workshop in the dark room. I’ve done darkroom workshops and things before in previous colleges, but never did liquid light so I was interested to try it out! I took some of my mushroom line drawings I’d done for the sketchbook project so the outcomes could (maybe) be of some use in my project.

The process is a little similar to cyanotype – except the emulsion is already mixed and has to be melted in hot water first. It’s then coated onto paper or surface (we used some nice watercolour paper just to get some results today, and also a piece of MDF) and left to dry. The image is then exposed onto the paper/surface and developed as normal. This website here explains the process fully.

It was quite an easy process, just the time for drying before and after took a while but I think the results are worth it! Here’s some of my outcomes on watercolour paper:

We had to print our images onto acetate before we used them, and usually they have to be inverted so they come out the right way. However being as curious as I am, I decided to try both. I wasn’t sure how the inverted one would come out – I assumed the background would just come out white but it actually came out a nice grey. I think it’s my favourite print from today. I also tried to paint the liquid light emulsion on in mushroom shapes but forgot to expose the image onto it vertically.. so frustrating! I suppose I could edit it in Photoshop – the shapes themselves turned out quite nice. During the last 10 minutes or so, there was a spare piece of MDF so I decided to try out one of my drawings on it. It actually turned out quite well:

I really enjoyed this workshop, I really like the outcomes I got from it. Not sure if I’ll use them in the sketchbook project but it’s always nice to learn something new! Never know when it may be of use in future, if not now. šŸ™‚

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