Wye Valley Yoga Meeting/Presentations

Today we had a mini group presentation with Pete and Cori Norton from Wye Valley Yoga. It was really nice to see everyone’s work – we’ve had a Facebook group set up and I’ve seen a few pieces there, but it was nice to have it all presented out and everyone talks about their ideas and processes. This was a really nice project to do, it was something different and it’s interesting how different everyone’s approaches are, they’ve all turned out great! 🙂

We went back into the studio while Pete and Cori decided who’s work to choose along with our tutor Aine. Quite an intense moment as we were called back into the room! I was quite surprised (but also of course incredibly grateful and happy) that they’d chosen me to do the illustrations for the asanas/poses! Wow! I’m super happy so I’d like to say thank you to Pete and Cori Norton for this amazing project and opportunity for us. Also Andrew has been chosen to do promotional illustrations (posters, website banner etc.) for them – congratulations Andrew! 🙂

I loved everyone’s work though, we all took a different approach to it but they all turned out great, so well done to everyone who did the project – it seemed like an easy project but I think because of how simplified the outcome needed to be it made it that bit more difficult, if that makes sense? For me, personally anyway I found it challenging but in a good way – I do like a challenge! I’m really looking forward to completing the set of illustrations. 🙂

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