Adding Colour/Developments – Yoga Project

Finally got around to adding some colour! I’m really happy with how these turned out. I started with just using felt tips directly on the fineliner outlines but it looked awful. It didn’t work well at all – I think it needed a smoother colouring to match up with the outlines as they’re quite ‘clean’ looking.

To get these done I scanned in the fineliner outlines, then used layers in Photoshop to add colour. It’s a technique I’ve used before – I know it works and it’s something I can do quickly, which is really what’s needed now as we’re drawing closer to the deadline. I’ve pulled out all the poses on the practice sequence sheet to do a mock-up with my illustrations in place of the ones on there now. It’ll help I think, seeing them scaled down and in context. It’ll also be nice to show Pete and Cori Norton from Wye Valley Yoga when they come in next week.

To start with, I just had the colour but I think they looked quite flat and almost dull:

I really wanted them to ‘pop’ a little more so I went over them with the burn brush to add shadows in. It’s a subtle difference, but I think it definitely does make a difference. When it’s scaled down I think it’ll be more noticeable. It doesn’t take long to add the shadows in, and I want to make sure these illustrations are as high quality as I can possibly get them to be. Here’s a comparison with and without the shadows:

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