Fineliner Refinements – Yoga Project

So excited to develop these and add some colour! I remember Cori telling us when we had the photoshoot (I think) that there is a particular red used in Iyengar Yoga – almost orange/vermillion. I can picture the colour so I’ll be looking into getting that into the illustrations – maybe on the mats?

I had a chat with my mum about how many colours to use – she used to co-own a printing business back in Pembrokeshire so she knows her stuff about this kind of thing, which is great for me! She mentioned anything going above 2 colours is then classed as full colour for printing. Considering these illustrations would be used for handout sheets then it would be much more economical and easier to reproduce if it was kept to 2 colours or less, rather than full colour. So I’ll be keeping this in mind when experimenting with colour and developing these illustrations further.

It’s difficult to tell how much detail to add – obviously detail is important in some way, as we were told finger and toe spacing is important in yoga and would need to be shown in the illustrations – but knowing how much is too much, and how little is too little is quite difficult! We were given a practice sequence handout for Iyengar yoga as an example of the kind of thing our illustrations would be used for, so maybe I could make a mock-up with my illustrations to see what they look like in context.

I’ve also been considering faces – in the tutorials today we were discussing whether to draw them in or not. I started to on my pencil sketches but then things got a bit weird…

Pencil Sketch - Face

We also discussed how, when the illustrations are scaled down, some details may be lost. It’s important if we are going to do the face, to simplify it enough that it would still look right when scaled down. Unfortunately with my borderline obsession with getting proportions right and detail, I don’t think I’d manage it. It’s starting to look odd now so I’ve done the fineliner illustrations without for now. I think they’re working okay, but until the mock-up is done it’s hard to tell how they’ll look in context and if it’s working or not.

Think I’ll get started on it! 🙂

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