Yoga Pencil Sketches

I’ve started pencil sketching some of the asanas/poses this week – it’s so nice to get back into some form of life drawing, I’ve really missed it! I’m really keen to get the proportions just right, so these sketches are really rough right now.

My plan is to trace over the sketches with tracing/thin paper and maybe a fineliner to refine and clean them up later. After that I’ll look into adding colour.

For some reason I always find myself working in layers one way or another! Even if the process and experimentations are different, most of the time I work in layers. I just find it much easier to adjust, refine and experiment with and it saves so much time. This project is only 7 weeks long and we’re over halfway through already, so time saving and management is important (it always is of course, but particularly in this project because it’s quite short).

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