TSP – Research

I’ve been adding some research to my Pinterest board here for The Sketchbook Project to help me get some ideas going. I have lots of ideas I think but I’m having a difficult time narrowing it down and simplifying it. I think because ‘the woods’ is such a vague theme and it covers so much maybe that’s why.

Thomke Meyer – Deep in the Woods – 2015

I’m still leaning towards the witch walking through the woods idea, where she then encounters different plants, herbs etc. and hiding characters like fairies in the background. I could show different parts of her e.g hands, feet and showing her at a distance like in these panels from a graphic novel above rather than just standard ‘here’s a witch gathering plants’ kind of thing. Maybe the illustrations won’t show her in full at all – adding some mystery perhaps? It seems like a simple narrative, I think I’m just constantly trying to over complicate things. It’s really difficult not to for me! Something I need to work on.

Arthur Rackham – Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J.M.Barrie – 1906

If I’m thinking of hiding characters in trees and things like that, I can’t not look at Arthur Rackham’s work! I love the way he’s hidden faces in the trees and in the illustration on the right, little fairies/elves. I’d like to do something similar so it’s almost like a visual treasure hunt – but there’s me complicating it again!

Nick Speke – Mutual Understanding/In Wonderland LP – 1968 / Vintage ‘Mushrooms in Colour Book’ illustrated by E. Hahnewald – 1961

I thought the perspective on the illustration on the left was quite interesting and unusual. It could be a different approach – maybe showing the witch walking through the woods at different levels of the woods (top of the trees, ground, etc.). The colours reminded me of a beautiful vintage book I picked up about a year ago – the colours of the illustrations in there are stunning. My poor scans don’t do it justice!

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