Yoga Photoshoot

All photos in this post taken by Andrew Charles at Hereford College of Arts

Today we did a photoshoot with Pete & Cori Norton from Wye Valley Yoga. There was a total of 40 poses – but because of the need to show props used there was more photos taken, so there will be more than 40 illustrations. An example of what I mean is this pose – Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose) – we were told that people with tight hamstrings would use bricks to help, which changes the way the back sits as you can see below:

Things like this are incredibly important in yoga and we need to show this in the illustrations, so it was good to know! The amount of illustrations doesn’t put me off though – I’m really looking forward to this project! I think once a technique has been established, we should be able to get through them quite quickly.

We were also given an Iyengar Yoga practice sequence sheet – this is the kind of thing our illustrations will be used for so it’s great to see it and keep in mind. We have also very kindly been offered a chance to attend some of the yoga classes which I think would help in terms of empathy – thinking back to the Hay Festival project where empathy definitely helped in producing a successful outcome for the clients.

Unfortunately this week – tomorrow, actually – I have a dentist appointment (ahh!) so I won’t be able to attend, but I’m looking forward to trying it next week!

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