TSP – Mind Mapping/Ideas

I chose The Sketchbook Project for my second project in the Confirmation of Practice module – it seems like a nice open project to do and I already have lots of ideas! There are different themes to choose, so naturally I chose ‘The Woods’. I’ve started to try and get some of these ideas down onto paper, as with every project I have them all going around my head and never jot them down so I forget!

I’m trying to simplify the narrative a bit more so I don’t over complicate it. I like complex but this poses a problem sometimes for projects! Trying to remember, “have a simple – not complex – idea and a sophisticated outcome”. It’s helping with writing all my ideas down. Maybe just having a witch walking through the woods with the seasons changing. I’m interested in the layers of the woods though – the floor in particular. It’s the darkest part of the woods, it receives hardly any light yet it’s full of life throughout the year and it’s always changing. I don’t just want to make a documentation of it (though that would be nice) – I’d rather have a bit of narrative to it. That’s where the challenge for me lies! I don’t do simple usually but in this case I’ll have to.

Rather than sitting around trying to think of a narrative, I think I’ll go out and do some drawings, take photographs and explore woodland areas. It helps to get out and away from the confines of a desk sometimes I think.

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