Yoga Project – Research

I’ve started researching some other yoga illustrations before I really get stuck into the yoga brief (I have decided this is the project I would like to do – thinking ahead in terms of what I’d like in my portfolio etc. as outlined in the previous post). I think it’s important to see how other artists and illustrators have tackled similar briefs – not only can this help inspire work but also see how we can do it differently, what works well, what doesn’t etc. I have set up a Pinterest board here, but here’s a few of my favourites I’ve picked out:

Yoga Cards (source)

Imagine the poses on cards – maybe even business cards? A nice idea to try out maybe. I really like how these are illustrated – they’re elegant and simple but not overly simple that they wouldn’t be of use as instructional illustrations. Unfortunately the website doesn’t list the illustrator.

Watercolour Yoga Illustrations by Lindsay Satchell (source)

I love how simple these are! The watercolour brush strokes behind add a nice bit of colour and bring them out a bit more. Something like that could be a nice way of bringing colour into the illustrations in a simple way – i.e keeping the colour limited (thinking of the brief).

Collage Yoga (source unknown)

Unfortunately I can’t find the source of these images (one of the perils of Pinterest I guess), but I just love the layers of colour and texture in them. I’m always a fan of collage, especially digital! Guessing this comes from when I did graphic design – I used lots of layers to build up textures, colours and patterns. It would be nice to go back to that and try and bring that technique into illustration. I always try and do new things but I think it’s nice sometimes to go back and revisit old techniques and see if you can tweak and improve it.

There’s lots more on my Pinterest board – I’m really looking forward to starting this project! Maybe some of the things I’ve pinned won’t be suitable for the outcome that the client wants, however I think it’d be nice to have some different experiments and to have a range of outcomes for my portfolio. 🙂

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