Brief – Decisions, Decisions

Mind Map
Today we were introduced to our new module – Confirmation of Practice – which involves several live briefs to get us used to working to short deadlines, working with clients and also working within restrictions set in briefs. It’s also continuing on from last year using empathy (Hay Festival project) etc.

First of all we choose a local project which are – a logo and menu design for De Koffie Pot (where we had our Collections exhibition earlier this year) or 40+ illustrations for Wye Valley Yoga. I’m really stuck between the two! I have lots of ideas for De Koffie Pot project, however, I’m not sure I want to go back into doing logo design… I’m remembering Fig Taylor’s advice from Professional Practice week – not to have anything in your portfolio you wouldn’t want to do! I could just do the project and not add the work to my portfolio, but that seems a shame to do the work and not have it in there. Also our main brief requires the work to be placed into the portfolio.. On the other hand, I think the Wye Valley Yoga project could be interesting! It’s something different, and I always enjoyed life drawing so it would be really nice to get back into that. I think I’m more likely to produce stronger outcomes if it’s something I enjoy. I’m just not sure now is the time to be doing different things – this is Confirmation of Practice after all. Decisions decisions!

For now, I’ve done a little research after a meeting at De Koffie Pot today and jotted down some of my ideas here and in my notebook. We’ll have a full introduction to the Yoga project next week so I’ll decide fully then.

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