Dahl-Da Workshop at the Hay Festival

Today we had the Dahl-Da workshop to do at the Hay Festival in the Scribblers Hut. It went really well! I was originally going to be a sort of back-up person, but one of our classmates was unfortunately ill and needed someone to cover… I decided to be brave and do it! I’m glad I did. It went much better than I expected. I made a very silly hat which everyone seemed to find amusing – I think I fit in quite well with the weird/nonsense theme!

We decided as a group to do collages – we had a lot of boxes to tick for the task chosen. We had to find something fun and engaging that could be completed within an hour, with limited materials and that was suitable for the 10+ and 12+ workshops. The aim was to create ‘nonsense creatures’ (you can see my cat with giant boots in the pictures above!). I think it went very well – the collages produced were amazing! We even had a few parents join in which was great. A very exhausting, fun and challenging day.

I had the task of designing a chalkboard for the event – unfortunately a bit of a disaster as the chalkboard had been painted on and it wasn’t coming off without a fight! I came prepared though with a printout so all was not lost. I think that’s the key with these things (something I’ve learned throughout this module actually) is being very organised and very prepared! It’ll definitely help in future and it’s been such a fun module. One of my favourites so far.

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