The Collective Noun: A Miscellany of Illustrators

Collective Noun Flyer (2)

Today I finally got to print off the posters and flyers that me and Nuala have been collaborating on over last week. They look so nice on the paper and the colours came out really well!

It was nice to get back into graphic design again – it was originally what I wanted to do before I diverted to illustration (a few years ago now). It’s not something I would get back into professionally – I’m definitely more of an illustrator though I do use digital techniques with my work sometimes. It was good to have that experience though and to brush up on my InDesign skills. I have also struggled to work with others in the past due to me being a very independent person, but this project has really helped improve that. I feel far more confident in working with others now than I did last year, which is great.

Most things for the exhibition are in place now so it’s just a case of getting the work done. I have completed one of my books but I’m waiting til I’ve finished the other two so I can do a nice post with all of them together, since they are a mini collection of sorts. 🙂

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