Getting There…

Book number 2 completed! I’m really enjoying making these books – it’s nice to be able to tie in my personal practice of witchcraft into my illustration practice. I’m also thinking about incorporating it into my dissertation as well (we have a dissertation preparation workshop on Wednesday) but that’s another story for another day!

I think this book is my favourite so far – its theme is Protection Spells. Most of the spells in this book are very short – this is because most of the time (as far as I have seen, anyway) protection spells are done with visualisation, so it was quite difficult to find some written spells. It’s good to have a challenge though, I don’t think I’d stick with either practice for very long if it was easy all of the time! The techniques for this book are the same as the last book I made, but I’ve also incorporated a bit of glitter into this one as well as foiling. It’s a minimal amount, but I think it just gives it that ‘magick’ feel a bit more.

Onto book number 3!

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