Book 1 Completed!

Here is one of my completed handmade books for the Collections project. The theme for this book is Love Spells and each page has a little spell on it with an illustration. I was originally going to make 5 books in total, but I’m really keen to make sure they’re up to a really high standard so I may lower the number to 3. I will make more if I have the time, but at the moment I’m aiming for 3 (plus).

I’ve decided to go for an accordion book with a full cover & spine – I really like that you can view the book page by page or pull them all out and see them together. They’re also quite simple but can be made to be quite elegant as well – I hope I’ve managed to do that with mine! I used Brusho to stain the paper with a brown tint first (I’ve never been able to get tea/coffee to work for me), then used a fineliner to write the spell and draw the image (okay I did use a pencil to sketch out roughly first to be extra careful!). I then used Brusho and watercolour paint to colour them in, as well as a little bit of goldleaf on the Venus page. For the cover, I kept it quite simple – some nice paper, metal corner decorations and a small ribbon rose. The other books will have the same sort of style but obviously with different colours and decorations. I’d like them to match in some way as they are a little collection.

I can’t wait to have them all completed and together – they will be exhibited at De Koffie Pot in Hereford as part of our group exhibition, The Collective Noun. Exciting stuff! 🙂

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