Inspiration has hit me in the form of a large book

Not literally (thankfully – it really is a large, heavy book). First of all I apologise for the bad pictures, I’m currently at home for Easter and forgot my camera! I had so much to pack and unfortunately this wasn’t the only thing I forgot. Never mind!

I went on a nice day out to Monmouth with my mum and much to her delight I found two book shops next door to each other (the dream!), and yes I had to go in both. Anyway, I came across this beautiful book which I must admit, have been eyeing up for a little while. My mum very kindly offered to buy it for me as an early birthday present (she never knows what to get for me).. though looking back I think she did that to get me out of the book shop as I had now spent an unreasonable amount of time in there. It’s a beautiful book documenting folklore, folk magic, curiosities and all the good stuff I like! The layout and imagery used is just lovely – this is just my kind of thing! I came across a chapter in July (the chapters are organised by month, and feature poems, stories, spells, recipes and more corresponding to each different month) which mentioned seashells and their use in magic. This got me thinking back to when I made the little book for my seashell drawings – I mentioned I’d like to research more into the shells and any possible meaning they may have.

I’ve been floundering on this project for a while, not really knowing what will come out of it (I still don’t, but I have a direction, and I think that’s pretty good for now) or where I’m going. Having this book has really helped inspire me – I’m going to research more into folk magic, looking at charms and things like that. I think that’d be a nice theme to tie all my little collections together. Almost anything can have a use in magic! 🙂

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