Collections: Book Arts – Charms

Here is a tiny, tiny book I made for the collections project. I managed to find some of my collected objects here at home (as mentioned before, most of my things have been boxed up for years due to moving around a lot) and came across my little charms collection. I used to do jewellery making (very briefly, it didn’t end well) and this added to my collection of little charms and broken bits of jewellery. These are just a few of them. A couple of them belong to my mum – the imp, the small black book, the ankh and the scarab beetle – but I borrowed them because they’re just so beautiful, and I always remember being fascinated by them (particularly the imp and scarab beetle) when I was little. Maybe these are what sparked an interest in collecting early on..? I can’t really pinpoint when I started collecting things, it’s just something I’ve always done automatically. I do remember getting hooked on stamp collecting when I was about 10, but that’s about it. I’ve just always had collections – like drawing, I’ve always done it and never really had a ‘moment’ where it suddenly sparked. It’s always been there.

Anyway, I didn’t photograph it but I wrote the names of all the charms on the back. I chose to do an accordion book, as with the rest, because it can be viewed as a whole or page by page. It’s nice then to see the whole collection together and also separately. I kind of regret watercolouring them in. It worked for the seashells but of course most of these were silver, so the colours are quite dull. I just really wanted to capture that beautiful blue colour on the scarab beetle most of all! I think Brusho would have worked better for it, but never mind.

I’m considering researching into charms and their uses or meanings – I’d like to have something more to put to them, a narrative maybe? We’ll see. 🙂

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