The Quote!

I’ve been staring at my almost complete image for a couple of days in between writing my essay, wondering what’s missing. Of course, the quote! I’m not sure how I managed to forget that really. (Get it together Tash what are you doing!) I remember from the meeting there was a mention of vines and the text being hidden in with the flowers – I really liked this idea so I did a couple of hand-drawn quotes with a paintbrush and some Brusho. I can’t find where on Earth I put the scan of the other quote, but if I ever find it then it will appear on this post.

I’ve added in a few ‘vines’ so that it’ll go nicely behind the flowers and blend in – I definitely don’t want it to look like I’ve just placed the text on. I’ll be using my drawing tablet to go in and add some more vines to blend it in better as well. I think it’ll be developed as I go along – there might be more flowers going throughout the quote or maybe fewer flowers with none in the middle? We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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