To Blindfold, or Not To Blindfold?

Here are my figures all done! I do remember in the meeting on 14/03/16 that the blindfolds were “a bit 50 Shades” and I definitely agree. I have done some Brusho copies anyway though just to experiment and try it out – I’ll also try them out with layers in Photoshop which can just be hidden as/when. I think I am going to go with the eyes closed figures though – I have a feeling they’ll look much better. They do already, actually.

I used acetate to trace over my initial sketches (thank you to myself for modelling and also Joe in my class) with a permanent marker, then photocopied and enlarged them. I then used these as a guide along with my fantastic living room window lightbox and used blue Brusho (for some reason the scanner picks up blue quite well) to trace over loosely.

I did two copies of each figure, scanned those in and edited one copy to be coloured red, then layered these on top of one another giving a 3D effect. It sounds so complex but it really wasn’t! I thought the blue/red 3D effect would work quite nicely with the flowers – I found the black outlines were too harsh (did a sneaky test mock up in Photoshop).

Now all I need to do is make a new image in Photoshop, add these in and start pasting on some flowers! Oh and of course my quote – note to self: DO NOT FORGET THE QUOTE!

P.S sorry for the terrible pun title, I couldn’t resist.

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