Sketches & Ideas

First of all I apologise for these horrendous scans. The scanner is so bright (which is great sometimes) and when it comes to pencil sketches, it’s very hard to edit it without losing a lot of the details. In the end I had to make it darker so you can see what was on the page, but it’s there.

I’ve been talking for the last week or so about the ideas I’ve had which is great but I need to remember to get things down in my RVJ as well! I’ve done a few sketches of my different ideas, using my mind map as a starting point. I was thinking of drawing either a figure or two figures (male & female?) with flowers coming out of the heads/minds, blindfolded. The flowers will all be ones associated with love (e.g roses, daisies, lavender etc.). The idea is then that it’s love on their minds, and with them blindfolded they’re not looking at each other (love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind). It’s quite literal, but I have a good feeling about it! It is risky going on intuition but I trust it.

We’re having another meeting with two people from the Hay Festival (I’m so sorry, I’m sure we were told but I’m terrible with names! I need to sort this out – bad illustrator!!) next Monday so hopefully they like it! I don’t think I’m good at explaining my ideas clearly, it takes me a while to get to the point so I’ll be doing a mock up so they can see what I mean. Fingers crossed!

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