Collections – Sorting

So I’ve been sorting out my collections, organising them & photographing and scanning them in (more on the scanned in stuff later!). I thought I’d start with a simple way of organising things which is by colour. This was inspired by my research where I was initially just looking at stamps, and I found a lot were organised by colour. It can look quite effective, especially if the stamps look similar (I picked out the plain, British postage stamps for mine). I also started sorting out my stamps by themes and countries, but after a while I thought about it and other than the organising, I wasn’t getting much inspiration or ideas from my stamps collection. I’m actually quite sad about it, I’ve wanted to do something with them for years, but perhaps now isn’t the time. Never mind!

I decided then to experiment further with organising just bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years by colour. I tend to collect anything really – shiny things, pretty things, broken things, paper things, natural things.. just anything that I can try and put a story to, or anything I find interesting or something that provokes some kind of narrative or nostalgia for me. It depends on the object. I know I have lots more things at home hidden away, but unfortunately due to moving around a lot, most of my things have been boxed up for years – I think it’d take me that long to find anything now. One day I will be able to unpack everything and have a good look through – I always like extending projects outside of college/university if I can. For now though, I’ll work with what I’ve got, find what I can when I go home at Easter (wish me luck, I think I’ll need it) and maybe sneakily purchase some objects to work with.

I think one of the reasons I’m struggling so much with this project is because I have a lot of collections of things, and not enough in one particular collection to do anything with. I think I need something to tie all of them, or at least some of them, together in some way and then try and move forward. More research to do!

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