Love Looks Not With The Eyes…

I’ve chosen my quote, it’s from A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”

I couldn’t decide on which quote as there were so many nice ones I wanted to illustrate (I’m very indecisive). So my solution to this was to pick a few of my favourites and mind map ideas for each one. Whichever had the most ideas, I would go with (this will enable me to explore and develop different ideas, rather than deciding straight away on one single idea and just doing it as-is).

I haven’t yet looked up the play – I first wanted to use intuition and see what I could pull out from it. I’m thinking something around the idea of love which is a common theme some of in Shakespeare’s plays. I don’t want to do cliché hearts or roses but I would like to include some florals. The Hay Festival will be in the summer so I thought this would look nice, and also enable me to use the bright colours.

I then decided to look up the play and see if anything from my mind map fitted – it did! It’s a beautiful play, set in the woods with fairies and all that sort of stuff. Florals = great. I’m going to research flowers that are associated with love. I like putting hidden meanings in my work! Then to start sketching out some ideas…

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