Collections – Mind Maps

These are my ‘mind maps’ from my RVJ as a starting point for our new collections project. They’re not the traditional kind of mind maps with the lines and writing around a particular point – I prefer collaging images together and then writing around it. They each have a different theme (Stamps, Crystals & Natural Objects, Artist Collections), the first two is looking at how other people have used stamps in a creative way, organising and sorting them etc. The second is pretty much the same thing but with crystals, and the third is looking at other artists who use collections to inspire their work. I was really happy when doing the research on Enid Marx – I found out she designed some stamps, and I actually had two of them in my stamp collection! Yay! I will be putting in a bookmark sized magnifier so that the details can be seen more clearly.

I will probably make more mind maps in future, but for now I’m currently collecting more ideas, inspiration and things over at Pinterest.

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