Hay Festival Briefing

Today we had a meeting with the Hay Festival team at HCA. We were given the brief yesterday (Tuesday) but the meeting today helped clarify things.

Our job (L5 Illustration) is to choose, from a given list, a Shakespeare quote to illustrate. These will be printed onto huge banners and put up around the Hay Festival site – wow! An amazing opportunity. I’m really excited to start this project – I think we all are! They want really bright colours, and named a few clichés to avoid (skulls etc.) and also reminded not to have too violent illustrations (there were some Macbeth quotes in there) as there will be children on the site. Other than that, it’s pretty much open for us to do which is amazing!

I’ve started first testing out materials to see which colours come out brightest and what would work best (my illustrations are usually quite intricate). I never usually use a lot of colour so this will be a good challenge for me. It’ll be nice to do something different as well. I think I’m going to go with Brusho – it’s pigment powder in little pots and you mix it up like paint. It gives very bright, solid colours so it could work well.

Now to choose a quote…

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