Book Covers: Final

Left to right: The Complete Cosmicomics, Welcome To The Monkey House Design 1, Welcome To The Monkey House Design 2

So here are my final designs for the book covers project as part of our Illustration Applications module. I didn’t have time to do more designs for Cosmicomics which I’m a bit sad about, as I was looking forward to doing design work for that one most of all. I was looking at New Scientist magazine for inspiration – their illustrations and design work are amazing! Never mind. Time management is definitely something I need to improve on – although I am getting better at it and actually using my diary this year to plan out my days off etc. Anyway, onto the designs…

The Complete Cosmicomics
This is probably my favourite design out of all the book covers I did. I originally had the ‘galaxy’ print on the back as well but it clashed quite a lot and made it look a bit too busy, so I just went for a plain starry background which I think works better, especially with all the typography. I used Photoshop brushes, layers and blend modes to make the galaxy background which actually turned out a lot better than I expected! It’s kind of abstract but still space-y which is what I was going for. Also Impact Label is one of my favourite typefaces, as well as Ostrich Sans (which I may have used on all book covers..woops). I’m most pleased with this outcome out of all of them, and I did try it in other colours but found it didn’t work quite so well as the blue and pink.

Welcome To The Monkey House Design 1
I kind of broke the rules here and went for a character on the cover. I just felt that the description was so vivid I had to try and illustrate it! I was going to add a bit more colour, but I wanted to try and challenge myself to come up with a design with a limited colour palette in order to keep things simple and quite graphic design-y. I’m not used to doing minimal or simple design work so this was new for me! It’s probably not my best work and it is a bit rushed I will admit, but all things considered I don’t think it’s too bad.

Welcome To The Monkey House Design 2
I tried to do a typography-only cover after being inspired by the typography workshop we did. I do like this outcome and actually prefer it to the first design, but I think it’s a bit too graphic design for me. There isn’t any illustration in there so it’s probably not the best outcome for someone on an illustration course...

Next time I need to manage my time ! I’m so annoyed with myself for this project as I think I could have done so much more than this. Never mind. Always time to improve and work harder next time. đŸ™‚

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