Journal Binding – Progress

Making good progress on binding my journal for book arts! I decided to use a method of book binding I learned whilst doing Graphic Design in Pembrokeshire College a few years ago. It makes quite a solid book with a hard cover and spine so I thought it was definitely suited for this.

First I separated the pages into 4 page signatures. I’ve added a few extra pages so that once assessment is over, I can do some more as I really enjoyed this project! 🙂 I stitched these through the middle using 5 long stitches – a bit like the pamphlet stitch books we made. I then cut long strips of card and thread these through the stitches, and used masking tape to stick these down on the front and back. Then I used tracing paper soaked in glue, pulled around the spine to hold everything in place and left this to dry. Time for the cover! I managed to find some nice solid card (I need to get some more, I only have corrugated left which doesn’t work well I have found.. perhaps I need to experiment more), and glued this to the top and bottom of the book.

Now all I need to do is to leave it clipped together to dry thoroughly, and then add the cover. Exciting times! 🙂

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