Journal Pages 28-30

Left to right: ‘Ink & Comb’, ‘Green’, ‘Pockets’

Ink & Comb
For this page I wanted to try one purely for mark making. I remember in the last college I was at, in life drawing we used ink and broken bits of comb which actually makes some really nice marks! The drawing I did that day ended up in my portfolio which I took to interviews for uni. I hadn’t used it since then which is a shame really, because I do like how it comes out! It works quite well I think.

I decided to try another colour collage page, but this time using just papers. I don’t think this is as successful as the Brown page (still remains the best outcome out of the three) but never mind. It was fun to experiment with again!

As I said before, I am a little bit of a hoarder and had these little pocket things sitting around. I never really found a use for them so I made a journal page with them. I haven’t put anything inside them, I just like the idea of having them there. It’s quite nice to use the journal as a place to keep little memories and collected things, as most of the time I keep them kind of everywhere and end up losing them or they just sit there unused. Perhaps in the summer holidays I could make a journal to keep any little things I’ve collected! 🙂

That’s the last of the journal pages sadly! I will be posting soon my progress on binding it and the final outcome.

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