Journal Pages 25-27

Left to right: ‘Collage’, ‘Candles’, ‘View Finder’

I had some beautiful stamps that I really wanted to use, as well as some nice papers so I went with another collage page. I really like the one word prompts and using collage – although I don’t want my journal to be too scrapbook-y, I like having a couple of pages in like this. It’s nice to just have that freedom for a bit. I think so far this is one of my favourite pages in my journal! Sadly I used the last parts of my V & A plastic bag (the floral looking stuff in the corners). I don’t know what the print was on the bag but I’ve used it on a few things, including my Turkish Map Fold book. This page was also a nice way of keeping stamps (I used to collect them but sadly don’t have the time any more to sit and stick them in a stamp album properly) – my favourites are the bird ones which were attached to a letter from one of my Aunties, who lives in Kansas City.

Another simple page, just using watercolours. It isn’t one of my favourites but it was nice to experiment and use watercolour again, which I haven’t done in a while. I tried adding a little more definition using coloured fine liners afterwards, which sort of helped a little. I do like the simplicity though.

View Finder
I decided to do another quick drawing page but this time using a view finder. I like the almost abstract compositions and the tiny hints of colour here and there. I have again used items from my workspace, but they’re all different objects to the other page.

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