Journal Pages 22-24

Left to right: ‘Winter Solstice’, ‘Stamps’

Winter Solstice
I decided to do a page dedicated to Winter Solstice. I only really celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, and also Samhain (basically the Pagan version of Halloween, which some argue was the origins of it but I won’t get into that now). I usually set up an altar, make witches ladders, light candles and incense and sometimes do tarot readings or read some books. It depends really which one it is. On Samhain I tend to do more divination than anything. I’ve added a few basic things about the Winter Solstice to this page but haven’t gone into too much depth as I didn’t want it to be overwhelming. I also added the picture of me from the actual day at my altar.

Because I like to make things difficult for challenge myself, for this page I limited myself to only using stamps. I think it’s good though to make challenges and get out of the comfort zone, although it is good to know what works for you it’s nice to experiment! It’s not one of my favourite pages but again it’s part of the learning process I guess. If I had more stamps and a bit of variety of them, it might have come out a little better.

The Power of Make Up
Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this page, I must have missed it on the scanner! It was a page inspired by the hashtag, The Power of Make Up where it shows people before and after using make up. I wear make up every day and it definitely changes me a bit (that’s mostly why I wear it, haha!) so I illustrated half my face on one side without, and half the other side with make up on. I will have to try and scan it in again and add the image later!

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