Editorial Illustrations: Part 2

Left to right: Original sketches, fineliner outline, final illustration

Here is part two of the Editorial Illustrations project, as part of our Illustration Applications module at uni. Our aim is to do three illustrations for three articles given to us, and to try and do each one in a 24 hour period. I managed to do this and part 1 in a day each, but I’ve had a day break in between each one to write my essay and work on my other projects.

The article for this one was called ‘Citizen Kubrick’ which you can read in full here. I have seen a couple of his films, but other than that I don’t know much about Stanley Kubrick, so I found the article very interesting! I decided to illustrate the ‘Napoleon’ room described in the article as I visualised this particular part more vividly than the rest (I don’t know why). Also I love books, so maybe that had something to do with it. Who knows. Anyway, I’m not entirely happy with the outcome but then I rarely am 100% happy with any work – I’m quite a perfectionist and if I don’t stop myself, I can end up working on something literally forever! I decided to keep it quite simple – the perspective is a bit wild anyway and the books are the main focus. I could have added a few more books on top of the chests but never mind. I did have a shelf either side with a few books on, on the original sketch but I thought it would be too much going on in one image. Not my favourite outcome so far but never mind. 🙂

P.S Just to note we aren’t doing any of these illustrations officially, just as part of our module in uni. 🙂

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