Editorial Illustrations: Part 1

Left to right: Original sketches, fineliner outline, final illustration

So this work is part of a 3 part editorial illustration project, as part of our Illustration Applications module. We were given three different articles to illustrate over the Christmas holidays so here is my first one! The article is called ‘Shh, quiet: An Introvert’s Guide to Networking’ which you can read in full here. I decided to go with what was described in the article, splitting the image in two like a before/after kind of thing. I am quite introverted myself so I knew exactly what the author meant when describing what you usually do! I’m always using my phone as a distraction to avoid eye contact or any sort of contact with people, so I used that as the ‘before’ illustration. I took a photo of myself as a reference to draw from (which was more cringey when it came to the hand shake one.. it felt a bit weird, actually) so I could get the proportions and everything right. I can usually visualise in my head what I want the outcome to be, but I like to have a reference to draw from if I can, especially when it comes to drawing hands!

I sketched out some rough ideas first and for the second illustration, I was going to show the ‘introvert’ on a laptop setting up a hashtag on Twitter (as described in the article) but I don’t think it would have worked – when it came to drawing the person I realised they’d cover the laptop screen and the context of the image might be lost. So instead I went for the handshake/introducing to someone as the ‘after’ image (also described in the article). I made a fineliner outline and made some slight adjustments (even with a reference my figure proportions still came out a little off, I think I’m a bit out of practice drawing people so that’s something I’ll have to fix in the new year!) and scanned it in to take into Photoshop. I then used layers to build up the colour which probably would have been easier had I not left my drawing tablet at uni.. never mind! The dimension specifications were quite small so it wasn’t too bad. I think I might have to scan and re-upload the sketches image, it hasn’t come out very well..

Hopefully within a few days (perhaps over the weekend) I will be posting the next part – at the moment I’m still writing my essay and balancing my work out for over the holidays. I’ve written tasks to do each day in my diary for each module which is really helping me to manage my time properly and get stuff done! Think it’s something I’ll be carrying into the new year, so I can manage my days off in future as well. 🙂

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