Journal Pages 19-21

Left to right: ‘Brown’, ‘1 Minute Drawings’, ‘Pink’

For this page I decided to experiment a little with collage. I had some beautiful papers that I hadn’t yet found a use for, so I chose the colour brown. I think it’s an under appreciated colour sometimes, at least by me anyway. I also added some ribbons, gold leaf and a nice cabochon. I really like how this page has turned out actually, I didn’t expect much from it so I might try it again with another colour.

1 Minute Drawings
I felt like doing some drawings on this day, so decided to pick up a few items from my desk/workspace and do some quick sketches. I remember in life drawing in my old college we were told that doing very quick drawings can improve drawing skills quite a lot, as because you know your time is limited, you have to take in as much visual information as possible and it teaches you to draw what you actually see and not what your mind is perceiving. I think it’s a good practice to do now and then to sharpen up drawing skills.

I tried another colour collage page but I don’t think this one turned out as well as the Brown one. It’s very sickly sweet which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not me at all! I think that typeface I’ve done really ruins it, but never mind. Part of the learning process! 🙂

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